She Prays Like a Girl (ebook)

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Estimated publication date Summer, 2024.


A timely, guilt-free call to prayer for Christian women everywhere! 

Do you ever feel like everybody else has an ideal prayer life while you’re just struggling to remember to thank God for breakfast as you hurry out the door?

The myth of a prayer warrior is like an Instagram model -- we all think somebody else is doing it a thousand times better than we are. When it comes to talking with God, the truth is that we all experience the same struggles, doubts, and time constraints as every other Christian woman alive today.

In She Prays Like a Girl, award-winning authors, best friends, and prayer partners Alana Joy Terry and Jaime Hampton gently and warmly remind you that nobody can intercede like you can.

Come discover the power and freedom that comes from ditching the guilt and the shame. Learn to embrace your own spiritual design and finally learn to pray the types of prayers that truly change the world.