Let's All Get Along

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Let’s All Get Along is a step-by-step guide for teaching your kids WHY and HOW to love one another like Jesus loves us. This fun and easy printable Bible study for parents and siblings will transform your kids from bickering to best friends in only six days (just 10 to 20 minutes a day!) so you can finally ENJOY your kids more than you scold them.


  • Walking into your family room and seeing the kids playing together... without fighting.
  • Taking a road trip with the kids in the back seat and hearing them laughing instead of sniping at each other.
  • Enjoying entire days and even weeks free from constant squabbling and whining.

PEACE and HARMONY in your heart, soul, and home. It really is possible!

Let's All Get Along includes six units, each including a brief Bible-based lesson/reading, kid-friendly discussion questions, and a simple, hands-on activity for the whole family, designed to bring the topic to life. 

  1. Lesson One: Family Is Special
  2. Lesson Two: What Does It Mean to Love My Siblings?
  3. Lesson Three: Why Should I Get Along With My Siblings?
  4. Lesson Four: How Do I Get Along With My Siblings?
  5. Lesson Five: Overcoming Obstacles to Getting Along
  6. Lesson Six: Let's Have a P.A.R.T.Y.
  7. BONUS: Tips for Parents

This is a 19-page printable PDF, and your one-time purchase grants authorization to make as many copies as needed for your immediate family.