How to Pray When Life Throws You Curve Balls (Revisiting Our Top Episodes #192)

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In the month of July we're going to be revisiting a few of our top-ranked episodes. Whether you haven't heard them for a while or missed them altogether, we pray each of these will be timely and relevant to you!

Episode 192: How to Pray When Life Throws You Curve Balls

Has life thrown you any curve balls lately? If it hasn't, chances are at some point it will. Jesus tells us that in this life we WILL have trouble. But because we have the Holy Spirit living in us, we have access to victory that transcends even the trickiest pitches.

Join us today for a solo episode where Jaime shares about some curve balls in her own life and what she's been learning. You'll even come away with some helpful questions to ask yourself the next time you find yourself in the line of fire!

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