270 Toxic Positivity and Prayer

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Curious about the term "toxic positivity"? We were! The idea of toxic positivity seems to have recently gained traction, so we wanted to talk about what it is and how this kind of outlook can impact our prayer lives.

Dictionary.com defines toxic positivity this way: "Toxic positivity is a critical term for the practice of promoting or attempting to maintain a positive mindset or attitude regardless of what circumstances and emotions are being experienced."

Our questions today include:

Can positivity ever actually be toxic?

Is it so bad to keep a positive attitude no matter what?

What is the line between maintaining our own positivity and imposing our expectations on others' attitudes?

What about reciting truths and affirmations - is that a form of covering up our true feelings?

Is being a "positive" person better than being a "negative" person?

We'd love for you to pull up a chair and join us for this really interesting discussion about "toxic positivity" and our prayer lives!

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