251 Prayer and Your Sex Life with Dr. Juli Slattery

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Let's talk about...sex. It's a topic that can sometimes leave Christian women feeling conflicted. Is a "good Christian girl" supposed to talk about (much less PRAY about...) sex? Are sexuality and spirituality mutually exclusive? 

Dr. Juli Slattery holds nothing back in this week's conversation on the Praying Christian Women podcast. We talk about sexuality as a Christian woman (whether you're married or single), how to pray about sex in your marriage, when to seek counseling, and SO much more. 

We hope you'll join us for this much-needed conversation. If you have little ears nearby, consider using headphones or choosing a different episode until you can listen freely; our discussion includes the topics of sex, pornography and sexual trauma.

You can connect with Dr. Juli at AuthenticIntimacy.com to find resources for married and single Christian women on God's design for sexuality.

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