233 Engaging Kids in Faith and Prayer with Valerie Ellis

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In this week's episode of the Praying Christian Women podcast Valerie Ellis joins us to talk about her passion: engaging with kids through everyday moments to point them toward a deeper relationship with God. We talk about the importance of making space to talk with the children in our lives about important things, even (especially!) in the busy world we live in. Valerie opens up about the very real fear of being forced or awkward in the ways we bring up faith with our kids, and shares some of her own experiences of pushing through the awkwardness and finding rewards on the other side. If you have children anywhere in your sphere of influence, you won't want to miss this great conversation about engaging with them in fun, meaningful ways to bring Christ front and center!

Valerie would like to thank Erin Loechner from whom she first heard the "could not should" idea in a 7-minute MOPS video called "Changing the Rules."

You can connect with Valerie at OurEverydayParables.com.

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