226 Praying Single Women with Abby Turner

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We're really excited about this special episode of the Praying Christian Women podcast as we welcome our friend (and author of The Living Table) Abby Turner back to the show to talk about the unique ins and outs, struggles and benefits of being a "praying single woman". We've heard from listeners who feel like many resources for Christian women speak primarily to married women, so we wanted to dedicate an entire episode to talking about how singleness can affect your prayer life. Our hope is that this episode will be an encouragement to the single ladies out there, and will give non-singles some insights into how to pray for and support the single women in their lives more effectively.

You can connect with Abby at ATableTopAffair.com. And if you're not following her on Instagram, you will not want to miss any of her amazing food prep tips, recipes and inspiration! You can find her at @atabletopaffair. 

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