207 The Prayer Clinic (Podcast Swap!) with Leighann McCoy

Take our quiz to find out your unique prayer personality at www.prayingchristianwomen.com/quiz today! This week we're doing something we've never done before: a podcast episode swap! Our guest on the podcast is author, speaker and founder of The Prayer Clinic, Leighann McCoy, who also happens to host The Prayer Clinic podcast. So after you listen to our interview with Leighann, head on over to The Prayer Clinic podcast at https://www.prayerclinic.com/podcasts/prayer-clinic/episodes/2147731519 and listen to her interviewing Jaime. In this episode, Leighann talks about what it means to be a prayer warrior, the importance of corporate prayer in the local church, and describes The Prayer Clinic in detail. You are not going to want to miss this! You can connect with Leighann and find out more about her books and The Prayer Clinic at www.LeighannMcCoy.com and www.PrayerClinic.com This podcast is sponsored by Faithful Counseling. Visit www.faithfulcounseling.com/praying to receive 10% off your first month!