173 How to Take Back Your Time and Find Life Balance with Christy Wright

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This week we're welcoming Christy Wright from the Ramsey Solutions team to the Praying Christian Women podcast. Christy is a well known speaker, author and host of the Christy Wright Show. We talk about her newest book Take Back Your Time: The Guilt Free Guide to Life Balance, which is full of "a-ha!" moments and so many words of wisdom. 

She's also recently released a devotional called Living True: 40 Days to Get Back to You, designed to help women take just a little time out of each day to do some self-reflection and to reconnect with God. 

You're going to love this conversation with Christy, so pull up a chair and join us!

You can connect with Christy and find out more about her books at www.christywright.com.

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