157 Coffee Break: How do I pray for my unsaved friends and family members without losing hope?

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Today's "Coffee Break" question is from a listener who wants to know how we can continue to faithfully pray for our unsaved friends and family members without losing hope. It can be hard to pray for months, years or even decades for people we care deeply about, only to see little or no change. How can we persevere in our prayers without losing hope? Join the conversation to find out!

Listen to our interview with Leslie Strobel about praying for her unsaved husband Lee (who eventually became a pastor) here: https://anchor.fm/praying-christian-women/episodes/071-How-to-Pray-For-an-Unbelieving-Spouse-with-Leslie-Strobel-ebrrrk

Find out more about Leslie and Lee Strobel and the Case For Christ movie here: https://www.thecaseforchristmovie.com/

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