149 The Importance of Honest Conversations with God, Yourself and Others with Eryn Eddy

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Joining us today on the podcast is Eryn Eddy, the founder and CEO of So Worth Loving - a lifestyle brand that uses apparel and community to bridge pain and shame toward an awareness of self-worth. Most recently, Eryn is also the author of the book So Worth Loving: How Discovering Your True Value Changes Everything.  In our conversation today, Eryn speaks candidly about the trauma of divorce and the disappointment she felt at the lack of love she initially received from the Christian community. We talk about how she eventually found “her people” and worked through the pain, and about the importance of engaging in honest conversations with God, yourself and others. Most of all, Eryn shares her heart for why you are "so worth loving." Join the conversation! You can connect with Eryn at https://www.eryneddy.com

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