146 Praying Through the Ten Steps of Forgiveness Part 1

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Forgiveness is an essential part of our spiritual lives, and more than that - it's a command! But it's not always easy. Join us today for a practical, hands-on episode about how you can invite God into a ten step process of forgiveness. 

Here are the ten steps: 

1.Acknowledge your anger 

2.Acknowledge your hurt & disappointment 

3. Admit what your fear is 

4. I’m sorry that I....(what you’re missing) 

5. What I really wanted was... 

6. Gratitude (things surrounding the issue or “even though” prayers) 

7. Love (prayers - I love ___ - even if you have to add an “even though”) Power in stating it before God. Go deeper: what do you love about this person? 

8. Compassion - try to empathize with their side/where they’re coming from. 

9. Forgiveness itself - review the last steps and move forward and saying I forgive ______. 

10. Appreciation : the debrief - note if you feel different, appreciate the release, appreciate Gods forgiveness. The lid you put on this process.

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