117 The 28 Day Prayer Journey with Chrystal Evans Hurst

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Today's guest on the podcast is author, speaker and podcaster Chrystal Evans Hurst. She's about to launch an amazing devotional called "The 28 Day Prayer Journey: A Daily Guide to Conversations with God." During our conversation we talk about her family and her new book, as well as how to love each other well during these unprecedented times.

The 28 Day Prayer Journey launches September 1, but if you preorder you can get some pretty sweet bonuses! Visit www.chrystalevanshurst.com/pray to find out more.

Here's the link to the video we mention in the interview where Chrystal's dad Tony Evans talks with his children and grandchildren about the tense cultural climate: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA3H9x-D44l/

And here's a great blog post from Chrystal's website for anyone wanting to continue the conversation about racism: https://chrystalevanshurst.com/so-what-do-i-do/